“Let’s kneel in an hour”: in the Russian Federation dreamed about the destruction of Poland (video)

Marta Gichko10:04, 02/19/23

The propagandists said that in a few minutes the Russian Federation would “return Poland to the Stone Age.”

Russian propagandists no longer hope to “take Kiev in three days,” but dream of “bringing Poland to its knees in an hour.”

On the air of one of the propaganda programs, one of the experts in the studio said that with the weapons available in Russia, it is possible to “return Poland to the Stone Age” in a matter of minutes.

“Poland can be brought to its knees in an hour, returning it to the stone age. 60 strategic sites can be destroyed in 20 minutes – and there is no Poland, there will be nothing else. There will be no water supply, there will be no electricity, there will be no military bases That’s it – it will return to the Stone Age. And for this you don’t need to send troops,” the propagandist said.

He added that Russia does not need to waste its life “for tanks to go to Warsaw.” 

https://www.unian.net/player/muW5WvD2Rosproganda dreamed about the destruction of Poland

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  1. To help grow your daily earwax, just listen to the shit oozing out of mafia land’s propaganda channels.

  2. In the early 2000ss the Russian General Staff conducted just such an exercise. They concluded that they would have to resort to nucing Warsaw to win.
    Since then Poland has gotten stronger with better SAMs, a modern airforce and tank fleet. most importantly years of operational experianced
    And Russia?
    Not so much

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