In the Kherson region, the invaders killed a family: miraculously only a child survived

Marta Gichko12:55, 02/19/23

According to the OVA, the occupiers deliberately hit residential buildings.

On Sunday morning, February 19, Russian invaders killed a family in the village of Burgunka, Beryslavsky district, Kherson region. 

According to the Kherson OVA, the Russians carried out a massive artillery shelling of the village. The enemy was aiming at peaceful people.

“One of the enemy shells hit the yard of local residents. At the time of the shelling, there were a family in the house – three adults and two children. Because of the Russian strike, the mother, father and uncle died on the spot. A 13-year-old boy was injured, he was hospitalized. More one child was miraculously unharmed,” the statement said.

In the same village, another child, an 8-year-old boy, was injured due to Russian shelling. He is in a stable condition, doctors are providing him with the necessary assistance.

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