“I’m still giving birth to myself”: Russian woman said she would send four sons to death in Ukraine (video)

Marta Gichko08:48, 02/19/23

According to her, this is the “strength of Russian mothers.”

A patriotic mother from Russia with many children declared that she was ready to send her four sons to the front as cannon fodder, and she would give birth to herself.

On the air of one of the social networks, the Russian woman said that she would not regret at all when the Ukrainian soldiers liquidate all her sons, because she is ready for anything so that “Russia is not broken.”

On the footage, the Russian woman posed with a glass of vodka. At first, she was talking nonsense about the Second World War and the Germans, who “still on their knees ask the Russian Federation for forgiveness,” and then shocked them with the fact that “she will still bear children for herself,” and these can be sent to war.

“I’m a mother of 4 sons. I’ll give you all 4 sons. Fuck you break Russia. I’m still giving birth to myself,” the Russian woman said.

Moreover, she proudly noted that sending sons under Ukrainian guns is the strength of Russian mothers.

“This is how we are, Russian mothers,” the woman issued and switched to abusive insults towards Ukraine.https://t.me/uniannet/89983?embed=1

News of the “Russian world”

Trash news in Russia continues. Recently, a conversation was published on the network in which a Russian calls his country  a victim of an attack .

Subsequently, the couple from the Russian city of Noyabrsk, Tyumen region, named their newborn daughter the name Russia. The couple explained their decision by saying that they are “not ashamed.”

And before that, the Russian woman happily announced that she wanted to send her husband to the war,  if only he would be killed there.  She had already predicted the fate of compensation. 

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