19 “Wagnerites” liquidated in Russia: Ukrainian partisans boasted of a “harvest”

Ekaterina Prisyazhnyuk17:05, 02/19/23

The Russian mercenaries were suffocated with carbon monoxide, the ATESH military movement noted.

In the Rostov region of Russia, Ukrainian partisans killed 19 members of the Russian private military company Wagner.

“Wagnerites” on Friday, February 17, were strangled with carbon monoxide in a tent located in one of the enemy training camps, the ATESH military movement reported on Telegram.

“On February 17, we successfully carried out an operation to eliminate 19 so-called “volunteers” of the PMC “Wagner” … The command of the terrorist PMC “Wagner” did not come up with anything else, how to dig a trench and burn the bodies, because there are no losses in the Russian army … “, – noted in the message.

ATESH claims to have more than a thousand agents in the ranks of the Wagner PMC. The movement added that it was very easy to infiltrate the PMC. “… we send our regards to the recruiters from Wagner PMC…”, the movement added.

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  1. 19 less wagz to liquidate. May more death and destruction rain down upon them and the rest of the rashist horde.

    Another heated trench exchange.

    Some of the comments:
    That looked like an American M249 SAW. (Squad Automatic Weapon)
    US Marine combat veteran. 👍
    Slava Ukraini!!! 🇺🇦 🇺🇲

    The brothers came to rescue the brothers. Slava Ukraini.

    An M249 SAW is an awesome devastating weapon system with a good range and good reliability. I would want not to be in front of it with a good infantryman skilled with this weapon..

    Well done, people. Six hours is a hell of a long time to be in direct contact, I’m glad for them that they pushed the invaders back. I hope there weren’t too many casualties on the UKR side, and I hope there were massive ones on the Rashist side of the line. The more Rashist casualties, the sooner it will be over.

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