“You live in a world of illusions”: Prigozhin got nasty to Macron for Putin and Wagner

Marta Gichko11:59, 18.02.23

The response to Macron’s accusations against Putin and Russia was not slow.

The leader of the private military company Wagner, Yevgeny Prigozhin, sharply responded to the statement of French President Emmanuel Macron that Russia is a mafia country. The French president made this conclusion after Putin lied to him that Wagner had nothing to do with the Russian Federation.

The propagandists asked Prigozhin to comment on Macron’s statement. He did it in a boorish way, declaring that Wagner acted and would act all over the world.

“Mr. Macron, you live in a world of illusions and have very little information about what is happening in Africa and what is happening in Moscow. Therefore, I can tell you quite authoritatively: Wagner PMC has never had and has nothing to do with the Russian army. PMC “Wagner” is a private army that has acted, is operating and will operate all over the world. No matter how you and your American friends would like it to be otherwise. We are defending those whom you have humiliated for many decades,” Prigozhin said.

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  1. When the truth hurts, the perverted mafiosi – who brought death and destruction to an innocent nation – are quick to cry large drops of tears.

  2. Wagner will soon be no more. Putler sees them as a threat and I doubt Prigozhin has much longer to live.

    • “We are defending those whom you have humiliated for many decades”

      Yeah, we’ve seen how you “defend” people around the world….this is how you defend the people in Syria…

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