US Department of State uses estimate of 200,000 soldiers Russia lost in a year

18 FEBRUARY 2023

The USA believes that Russia is on course for a terrible defeat because of Putin’s policies regarding the war in Ukraine.

Source: Antony Blinken, US Secretary of State, at the Munich Security Conference, European Pravda reports

Details: During a panel discussion in Munich, Blinken said that during the war against Ukraine, Russia is following approaches that are increasingly driving the Kremlin into crisis.

Quote: “The course chosen by Putin is a course of his strategic defeat in the most impressive outlines,” the US Secretary of State assured.

Antony Blinken emphasised that Russia has lost Ukraine forever.

“Ukrainians will hate Russia as far into the future as we can see. And it’s easy to understand,” he said, recalling that this is an amazing difference from the period before 2013, when the attitude of Ukrainian citizens towards the Russian Federation was generally positive.

Also, Russia suffered a diplomatic defeat all over the world. “Russia’s ties with the whole world have been cut off,” Blinken explained.

“There is also the question of what Putin has done to his country. According to public estimates, Russia has lost about 200,000 soldiers in Ukraine. In less than a year, just think about that! Over a million Russians have left Russia because they don’t want to be part of this war,” he added.

Background: US Secretary of State talked in Munich about the outlines of Ukraine’s victory, which include the return of Crimea and the inability of the Russian Federation to start a new war.

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  1. A very upbeat article.
    Yes, the Ukrainians will hate mafia land and its miserable warmongering minions for the next few generations, at least.

  2. We know Russia can’t continue this forever. A Chinese proposal for a ‘political resolution’ is expected soon maybe next week. The will portray themselves as peacemakers and the US is warning at the same time secretly increasing military aid to the Russians.

    I doubt that China wants to see Russia lose their security council vote and they too would be in a perilous position were they to invade Taiwan.

    As for Taiwan, it has never been ruled by or a part of the People’s Republic of China. For China to say yesterday that it has never been and never will be a country in the future, well, that should raise alarm bells.

    China will support Russia’s claims on Ukraine to validate its own claims on Taiwan. Of this we can be sure.

    • Trusting bat virus land is every bit as stupid as trusting mafia land, Iran or North Korea. I’m afraid we might still have too many clowns in politics who think otherwise.

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