Ukrainian Rambo: AFU Fighter With RPG, Machine Gun, And Grenades Destroys a Detachment Of Russians Near Bakhmut

A video of the fight from the first person


The Ukrainian Defense Forces continue to heroically hold Bakhmut in the Donetsk region, which is being stormed by the Russian occupation forces. Footage appeared on the internet, as a fighter of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, directly from the trench, conducts intense fire on enemy units.

Andriy L.’s Twitter account posted a video of a shooting battle between soldiers of the Ukrainian defense forces and Russian occupiers. One of the Ukrainian military confidently fires at the Russian invaders near Bakhmut.

“Another video from the Ukrainian Rambo,” the caption to the video reads.

In the video, you can see how one soldier fires, and the second gives him a weapon. First, the Ukrainian defender makes two shots from an RPG, then shoots three invaders from a machine gun. After the turn of grenades comes, the military man throws four pieces at the advancing ones, shoots from the RPG again and continues to use the machine gun.

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