Speaker of militants “DPR” Basurin was suddenly fired from his post

Veronika Prokhorenko17:37, 18.02.23

He was expelled from the “DPR” First Army Corps, saying that this was not due to a lack of military education and not because of his age.

Sudden personnel changes in the self-proclaimed law enforcement agencies began in the ranks of the so-called “DPR” . Today it became known about the dismissal of Eduard Basurin from the First Army Corps of the “DNR”.

This was told by the Russian “military officer” Alexander Sladkov in Telegram , breaking out into a real tirade about the role of military officers in the war with Ukraine and standing up for his “colleague”.

Sladkov recalled that people are recruited into the ranks of the “DPR” law enforcement agencies not on their “education and diplomas”, but on the basis of their ability to command troops. 

In this context, Sladkov clarified that Basurin was fired not because of health problems or lack of military education, but simply because he, in the opinion of the Russian leadership, “is not a real officer.”

“Yesterday, a ‘fake’ Donetsk officer from the reserve led his ‘fake’ soldiers to the Ukrainian fortifications, giving real results, and this suited everyone, now his seemingly battle-earned career is in jeopardy,” he wrote.

At the same time, Sladkov said that in fact Basurin simply contradicted the Russian leadership.

“The reason is not age or lack of education. Many DPR officers became real literate commanders who knew all the requirements of the Russian Federation for the war. The point is different. Here they can stand up and say to the newly arrived Russian general in the eyes: what you are telling us here does not correspond to Russian laws, or the Charters of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, or combat logic. “And this can often turn out to be a bitter truth, but the authorities do not like the truth. And truth-tellers, too. Just,” the Russian “commander” said “.

Sladkov was also indignant that Basurin was fired like an alcoholic. 

“Someone will be weeded out by future commissions, someone has already been thrown out into the civilian world, as if alcoholics and violators, like the same Basurin (he was fired and it’s too late to drink Borzhom) and many other war-hardened officers,” Sladkov wrote.

At the same time, he stated that for the “DPR” army, Basurin is a real brand and the voice of the 1st Corps, which was unfairly driven out by the “vzashey”. 

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