Russian missile attack on the Khmelnytsky region: it became known about the destruction and casualties

Anna Bredikhina11:32, 18.02.23

As a result of an enemy strike, about ten high-rise buildings were damaged.

As a result of a massive Russian  strike on February 18, there was destruction in the Khmelnytsky region, two people were injured. 

This was said by the mayor of Khmelnytsky Alexander Simchishin on the air of the telethon. “Another terrorist attack in the Khmelnytsky region. Three educational institutions were damaged, about ten damaged high-rise buildings, about half a thousand windows and balconies were destroyed,” he said. 

According to him, part of the equipment and private transport were also damaged. In addition, there are two wounded civilians. Injuries are minor, lives of people are not in danger.

According to the mayor, rescuers are now repairing the damage. 

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