NATO Secretary General rejects Ukraine’s demand for cluster munitions

18 FEBRUARY 2023

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg rejects Ukraine’s demand for cluster munitions and phosphorus incendiary weapons.

Source: Stoltenberg in an interview with a German TV channel ntv at the Munich Security Conference, European Pravda reports.

Quote: “NATO did not recommend or supply these types of weapons. We supply artillery and other types of weapons, but not cluster bombs,” Stoltenberg said.

Previously, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Oleksandr Kubrakov called for the provision of cluster munitions and phosphorus bombs; the use of both types of weapons is controversial, and cluster munitions are prohibited by international law.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said on Saturday on the sidelines of the Munich conference that if cluster munitions are provided to Ukrainian forces, these shells will be used exclusively against the Russian army.

“We have evidence that the Russian Federation uses cluster munitions. We understand that these shells are a controversial issue in the world. We are not part of the convention that bans the use of cluster munitions. Therefore, legally, there are no obstacles. And if we receive such shells, they will be used exclusively against Russian military forces,” he said.

German Green Party politician Anton Hofreiter criticised Ukraine’s demand for cluster munitions and phosphorus bombs.


  1. In another article:
    “Germany criticises Ukraine’s request for cluster munitions and phosphorus bombs”

    In yet another one:
    “…video captures the moment one of Russia’s horrifying thermobaric weapon launchers was destroyed…”

    And, this is from Wiki:
    “Use of white phosphorus bombs in the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine”

    Take note; mafia land has not only started this war, is not only committing war crimes in thousands of cases, is not only destroying Ukraine’s infrastructure, hospitals, schools and kindergartens, it’s also using terrible weapons against Ukraine; thermobaric bombs, white phosphorous, cluster munitions, massive use of land mines and chemical weapons.
    YET, Ukraine gets a kick in the teeth when it requests certain weapons to DEFEND itself.
    The West’s pious, self-righteous attitude in this war is an obscene and vulgar way to treat an innocent victim. It’s dishonest and immoral. This has nothing to do with justice, nothing with human rights or any other virtuous aspects the West likes to adorn itself with. Mafia land is murdering and raping an entire nation, yet the West has nothing better to do than to pay homage to fake virtues that practically supports this continuous murdering, raping and destruction.

    • I think its been like this since the Spring of 2014. The Moskali were hiding behind schools and when Ukraine fired at them the OSCE screamed that Ukrainians shouldn’t be firing at schools. Amnesty International said something similarly. And as you said, Vladolf and his war criminals have tossed out the rules of war and followed Mein Kampf

  2. If the US reaction to a shortage of artillery shells is advise Ukraine to shoot less and move more, we will perhaps say something less than helpful like ‘spread out’ more in reaction to cluster munitions.

    If cluster munitions are a no-can-do for the US in our legal opinion, we need to ask “what can we do about those Ukrainians facing cluster munitions themselves?” There needs to be an answer. There needs to be a response.

    Perhaps the law needs to be changed to effect a fair fight.

    • And did the US even sign it …

      Anyway, if the goal is for Ukrainian civilians not to die, sufficient military aid is needed. If not cluster munitions, then what?

      • No, the US is not signatory to cluster munitions ban. White phosphorus incendiaries are not banned but are listed as restricted.

  3. Regarding cluster munitions and phosphorus incendiaries Ukraine is not a signatory to the ban and moskalis use them regularly. I think the “no” is purely political (what they tell the public) and these will have to be procured through back channels.
    Not sure what you meant by chemical weapons Sir OFP. Though there were a couple strange instances what may or may not have have been used in those cases to my knowledge we’re not identified.
    Personally I think Ukraine should afforded anything the enemy is able to use and then some. Such as thermobarics, napalm, the clusters and phosphorus incendiaries. I’m pretty sure a tandem drone hit can have one spray and another ignite. A nice mix of oil gas and styrofoam such as what’s used in a Molotov might clear rashist trenches quicker. Used to have tanks with flamethrowers in WW 2 might be another tool AFU could use to light up orcs.

    • Ukraine reported the use of an unknown gas in Mariupol. Although it has not been substantiated, and it did not seem to have been a massive use, or a particularly deadly variety, I still mentioned it because I believe the Ukrainians more than the mafiosi. Proving such a thing when you’re surrounded by an enemy and the gas has dissipated is impossible. But, Putler is known to use something illegal just to see what the international response will be. I know that the response would be harsh criticism to Ukraine if Ukraine had used anything of the sort. And, I would not put it past the cockroaches to use chemicals. I’m just surprised that they haven’t used more and a deadly variety. But, who knows? We don’t know everything, and they might have used some sort of illegal substance here and there without anyone knowing it. I know that this is speculation, but the front is long, the opportunities are numerous, and the cockroaches evil enough.

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