France announces rapid delivery of Caesar howitzers to Ukraine

18.02.2023 06:14

France has stepped up the production of weapons, so Ukraine can expect quick delivery of additional Caesar self-propelled howitzers.

Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs of France Catherine Colonna made a corresponding statement at the Munich Security Conference on Friday.

She noted that all European countries should adapt their economies to the accelerated production of weapons.

“You [Ukraine] will receive additional Caesar self-propelled howitzers soon as we are now producing them faster,” Colonna said.

Currently, France is also considering Ukraine’s request to train fighter jet pilots. This issue is to be raised during the visit of Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksii Reznikov to Paris.

Earlier, French President Emmanuel Macron did not rule out the supply of fighter jets to Ukraine, noting that there is nothing prohibited in this issue.



  1. Allot of talk, hot air no specifics. This is a typical political conference of participants endearing each other in self flagellation.

  2. The West is like cousin telling his cousine he loves her while not helping her to escape the domestic violence and abuse she is suffering from. Shameful as usual. But we must never get used to it.

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