Workers from Tajikistan and Uzbekistan were not paid the promised money for the construction of trenches in the Zaporozhye region

Artem Budrin14:58, 17.02.23

They complained to the police, but found even more trouble.

The Russians involve citizens of other countries in physical work in the occupied territories , promising high wages. However, the invaders do not keep their word and do not pay the money, and the workers, in turn, complain.

According to the Telegram channel Baza in the Zaporozhye region, workers from Tajikistan and Uzbekistan were hired for such work, promising to pay 800 thousand rubles for one trench. True, in the end it turned out to earn less.

Aminjon from Tajikistan was offered to dig trenches – he agreed and together with 32 other people went to the occupied territories. In a month, the man dug two trenches, but the contractor Sergei, who invited him to work, paid 595 thousand rubles.

Aminjon called his “employer” with a demand to pay money, but Sergei refused. Upon his return to Moscow, the Tajik man wrote a statement to the police – the same step was taken by three more workers. However, after that, Aminjon received calls from unknown numbers and addressed threats, demanding that he withdraw his application.

No documents were signed with the workers. Moreover, Aminjon was also “lucky”, because the worst cases were recorded:

“Some of the other builders cannot return to Moscow yet. Someone had an appendicitis, another worker lost his hand, but they did not receive any adequate medical care,” the Baza Telegram channel reports Aminjon’s words.

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