“Wagner” was left without ammunition due to the “unique failure” of the Russian army in Vugledar – media

Marta Gichko08:39, 17.02.23

Mercenaries do not have enough ammunition for artillery howitzers, anti-tank systems and mortars.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation completely cut off the private military company ” Wagner ” from the supply of ammunition. The artillery units of the mercenaries complained that they lacked ammo.

A video message from Wagner militants appeared on the network, in which they complain about the lack of ammunition. 

“At present, we are completely cut off from the supply of ammunition,” say the Wagnerites

Mercenaries do not have enough ammunition for artillery howitzers, anti-tank systems and mortars.

“We appeal to our colleagues and friends from the Ministry of Defense. We are sure that somewhere in the warehouses there is this ammunition. We will be grateful if you contribute, help us and deliver them to us. A large number of people will survive and will be able to continue participating in hostilities “This will affect the course of the war. We will work for you, we will do this work. Help us,” the Wagnerites said in the video.

https://www.unian.net/player/TR9ZXZQ2″Wagner” completely cut off from the supply of ammunition

According to the VChK-OGPU project, citing an informed source, the supply of ammunition was indeed cut off for the Wagnerites. The likely successes of mercenaries are now dangerous for the RF Ministry of Defense.

“Against the backdrop of the failure in Vugledar (there is a unique failure, large losses of people and equipment and without result), the General Staff cannot be allowed to show at least something intelligible to Wagner. They understand that the loss of prisoners is one thing, but Prigozhin is to merge the old trained personnel will not be in a hurry, so they created a story with a shortage of shells, and it is very disturbing,” the source says.

However, there are other motivations as well. As the source notes, the head of the General Staff of the Russian Federation Gerasimov and his colleagues can thus provoke Prigozhin to harsh criticism, which they can submit to the top as a violation of Putin’s instructions “not to wash dirty linen in public”, “not to shake the situation at the front.”

“It was after a selective matyuk in the direction of Gerasimov. That is why in the video they ask for ammunition so politely – the PMCs also understand what’s what,” the source added.

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  1. Personally I think Wagner should just use its sledgehammers more. Perhaps a battle Royale, stream it on pay-per-view and the last few survivors can walk away rich. I’d certainly pay some cash to see Russians killing each other for a few hours. Good entertainment.

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