Two Russians captured again after exchange – Ombudsman

Evgenia Sokolenko00:22, 18.02.23

In his opinion, this happened due to the fact that Russia throws all the available military to the front.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine for the second time captured two invaders, who were only exchanged and returned to Russia. 

This was announced by the Commissioner of the Verkhovna Rada for Human Rights Dmitry Lubinets. In his opinion, in the Russian Federation there is a “crazy resupply of manpower.”

“We have two soldiers of the Russian army, Alexander Fomenko from Taganrog and Ruslan Valyashin. They were captured, they were returned, and they were captured for the second time. This is an indicator that even those they return are immediately sent to front. There is an insane understaffing of manpower, and they are trying to immediately send everyone to the front line,” the Ombudsman noted.

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  1. No surprises there … not at all. I’m waiting for the first babushka battalion to appear in combat.

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