This is not a country, but a mafia: Macron accused Putin of lying because of Wagner PMC

Veronika Prokhorenko21:28, 17.02.23

The French president said that Putin lied to him about Moscow’s non-involvement in the activities of a private military company.

French President Emmanuel Macron accused Russian dictator Vladimir Putin of lying because of Russia’s connection with the Russian private military company Wagner. As you know, the founder of the PMC is Putin’s former chef Yevgeny Prigozhin, who recently threatened that the Russian invaders could reach the French English Channel . 

The French leader said Putin assured him last year that the Wagner PMC had nothing to do with Russia. Macron spoke about this during the Munich Security Conference, writes Politico . 

“A year ago I spoke with Putin, and he assured me that Russia has nothing to do with the Wagner group,” Macron admitted. 

The head of France noted that at that time he believed Putin’s words, but now he understands that Russia is an ordinary mafia state. 

“I accepted it. Today we see that the Wagner group is involved in Russia’s war against Ukraine. This means that Russia is an ordinary mafia state,” he said. 

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  1. “A year ago I spoke with Putin, and he assured me that Russia has nothing to do with the Wagner group,”

    And of course Marcon was happy to swallow the shit, hook, line, sinker and fishing rod.
    Well, at least the guy is starting to wake up to reality.

  2. It defies common sense.

    Even prior to the outright Ukrainian invasion, Wagner stood accused of “mass summary executions, arbitrary detentions, torture during interrogations, forced disappearances, forced displacement of civilian population, indiscriminate targeting of civilian facilities, violations of the right to health, and increasing attacks on humanitarian actors.”

    That was amid growing arms sales in sub-Saharan Africa where Russia is the leading supplier.

    Arms + intimidation in exchange for mineral rights.

    Why would Macron find a denial of that to be credible? Of course Russia will not admit to human rights violations, but why would you believe their claims of innocence? Just look at the evidence.

  3. This is actually frightening that the leader of France actually believed what that cockroach told him. That’s amazing. The last few posts where I saw Macron beginning to at least say the right things, I thought there was hope. Anyone and I mean anyone who witnessed 2008 and 2014 and believed anything that kremlin POS said speaks volumes of the sheer stupidity. There’s no redemption in Macron admitting this. Just shows me that he’s an idiot Unfortunately him and Merkle caused countless deaths in our country because of their stupidity. I say fuck him!!! There’s a part of me that wished it was graft that pushed him as graft can be fixed. No cure for stupidity

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