The Netherlands supported the supply of aircraft to Ukraine

Artem Budrin17:57, 17.02.23

The head of the country’s government is inclined to support the supply of aircraft.

Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte arrived in Kyiv today to meet with President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. During the visit, the issue of military assistance to Ukraine, and in particular the provision of aircraft, was discussed.

“The fact that the Netherlands is inclined to supply these aircraft – yes. But I would not talk about it further, because it may not help to reach a solution,” Mark Rutte said at a press conference, Interfax reports .

At the same time, Volodymyr Zelensky said that it is more difficult to agree on the supply of aircraft than on the account of the “tank coalition”. However, there are already certain positive aspects, such as the training of Ukrainian pilots.

“We will definitely work on this coalition (aircraft – approx.). We started talking about training. This is a question for the whole world, because it does not depend on one country. It is a question of many components. Ukraine is persistent in those things that protect our values. We will believe that we will have results in this direction,” the President of Ukraine said.

Zelensky also noted that the Netherlands is one of the leaders in helping Ukraine in various areas and on different platforms:

“The Netherlands is one of the leaders in the military, financial, humanitarian sphere and legal assistance to our state. All Ukrainians will always be grateful for this support and will never forget about it,” the president’s message on his Telegram channel  says .

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      • I absolutely think that is on Mark Rutte’s mind.
        He quite openly said MH17 gave him some mental issues as well, even though he did not know anyone who died.

        I don’t like Mark Rutte a lot, but there is one moment I really have to give him credit for.

        At a meeting with the family of the people who died in the shootdown, there was one man, a dad of one of the victims, who was screaming at Mark Rutte, said a lot of horrible things to him and said he had to send the army to Ukraine. He remained calm and allowed him to continue his rant.

        A week later the man felt regret and he publicly apologized.
        Then Mark Rutte said he did not accept the apology, saying “there was nothing to apologize for” as it was completely understandable that he lost his temper.

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