Seven explosions thunder over Russian Belgorod

17 FEBRUARY 2023

Seven explosions have thundered in the centre of Russian Belgorod. 

Source: Russian state-owned news agency RIA Novosti

Quote: “Seven explosions were heard in the centre of Belgorod; possibly, it was a working of air defence systems.”

Details: RIA Novosti clarifies that explosions lasted for ten minutes with intervals in between. 

According to Russian media, the windows of the houses were shaking, the car alarms were going off, and the sounds were of different volumes.

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  1. Great! Explosions rocking mafia land again!
    I hope that not too many of our allies will shit their breeches over this.

  2. My mind went to the seven thunders speaking in Revelation 10:4
    When the seven thunders had spoken, I was about to put it in writing. But I heard a voice from heaven saying, “Seal up what the seven thunders have said, and do not write it down.”
    Be it by special ops, drones, or other means, I think Ukraine has the right idea of not claiming any real or imagined responsibility of strikes on moskovy or in belarussia. Blame it on “thundersnow” 🙂

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