Russian ‘Mobics’ At The Front Received Spall Hammers

The deputies of Putin’s United Russia political party made this “present”.


Deputies from Putin’s United Russia political party sent a spall hammer to Russian soldiers at the front as a donation. The representatives of the Novosibirsk regional authorities reported this on the VK social media source.

“This time, food, warm clothes, and spall hammers were sent directly for the Novosibirsk battalion. They also delivered the now especially valuable collapsible small stoves,” the message reads.

At the same time, the deputies emphasize that a batch of things for the front was collected, among other things, “on specific requests” of the soldiers themselves.

A logical question arose in the comments under the message. “Why do soldiers need spall hammers on the front line?”. “For executions,” was the immediate and obvious answer.

Executions with spall hammers within Russian troops

Militants of the Wagner Group were practicing spall hammers as an instrument of public execution. This became widely known in 2017 for the first time when the Wagnerites publicly beat to death a deserter of the Syrian army with a spall hammer in Syria.

After that, a spall hammer and references to that execution became one of the informal brands of the Wagnerites. Moreover, the militants themselves boasted of that murder and regularly hinted at it.

In November 2022, during the war in Ukraine, the Wagner militants defiantly beaten to death Yevgeny Nuzhin, a former Russian prisoner who was recruited for the war, was taken prisoner by Ukraine and extradited back after a war prisoner exchange.

In February 2023, the Wagnerites staged a demonstrative execution with a spall hammer once again. It was one of their militants. However, this time the incident caused a number of doubts and suspicions that it was only a fake ordered by Prigozhin personally.


  1. An underdeveloped primate society needs an underdeveloped form of punishment; the crushing of a skull … without a trial, naturally.

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