Russia is going to adopt a bill simplifying the theft of Ukrainian children

Nazar Steporuk13:42, 17.02.23

It was called the “law on children of the NWO”.

The State Duma of the Russian Federation introduced the law “On the children of the North-Eastern Military District”. It is aimed at simplifying the removal of Ukrainian children from the temporarily occupied territories. Minors are listed in it as “Russians”.

The bill was registered in the database of the State Duma and sent to the chairman of the lower house of the Russian parliament, Vyacheslav Volodin, which is confirmed by the information on the website of the Legislative Support System. The LDPR party was responsible for its creation.

The explanatory note to the document says: “This Federal Law establishes the legal status of children of a “special military operation” in order to create conditions that provide them with additional support measures.” What exactly is meant by this is not specified.

This may include the removal of Ukrainian children from the temporarily occupied territories under the pretext of providing assistance. Another wording in the bill suggests this conclusion. All minors in the occupied regions were called “Russians”. It turns out, according to the new bill, the deportation of children is supposedly a movement within the framework of the Russian Federation. In this way, the aggressor state consolidates the attempt to annex Ukrainian lands in its legislation.

The so-called “children of the SVO” will include minors who, since February 24, 2022, have lived in the territory of Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson, Zaporozhye regions and certain regions of Crimea. Boys and girls from Russian regions bordering Ukraine will also fall into this category. In this way, the Russian Federation may try to assimilate Ukrainian children into Russian society.

Russia steals Ukrainian children: the latest information

According to the Center for National Resistance (CNS), Ukrainian children from the territory of the Luhansk region can be taken to Karelia. The reason for this is indicated by “rest and recreation.”

Vera Yastrebova, director of the public organization Eastern Human Rights Group , said that the Russian Federation could forcibly deport 82,000 Ukrainian children.

In November 2022, the CNS calculated the number of minors taken to the territory of the Russian Federation. For nine months, the Russians abducted about 10,000 Ukrainian children.

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  1. “…create conditions that provide them with additional support measures.”

    In normal language this means, separate them from their “Nazi” parents, kidnap, torture, rape and sell them to new masters after the documents have been destroyed. Textbook genocide. Where is the UN?! The men are off to war, the women are trying to stay alive and these evil bandits are stealing the children for unspeakable reasons. This is reason enough to leave Moskovia smoking in ruins for 20 years…

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