Macron: we need to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine to force the Kremlin to negotiate on Ukrainian terms

Vitaly Saenko18:44, 17.02.23

French President Emmanuel Macron is convinced that in the future it will be necessary to negotiate an end to the war in Ukraine.

French President Emmanuel Macron believes that Western countries should help Ukraine gain achievements on the battlefield in order to force the Russian Federation to sit down at the negotiating table on Ukrainian terms. As an UNIAN correspondent reports, the President of France said this  while speaking at the Munich Security Conference.

“I don’t believe that regime change (in Russia – UNIAN) will bring anything. When I hear that many people are advocating regime change, I would just ask them: for which shift? Who is next? Who is your leader? How to implement it “Over the past decades, we have seen many regime changes in many countries, but they were unsuccessful,” Macron said.

In his opinion, it is necessary to help Ukraine maintain its sovereignty, but at the same time create a balance on the continent

“You have this regime (in Russia) with its obsessions, with its people. We want, firstly, to help Ukraine preserve its territories and sovereignty. And I think the question is how to make a U-turn and create a perfect balance , which will allow presenting certain things that are persistent for Russia itself,” Macron said.

He added that it is still too early to formulate a final vision of the situation.

As Macron emphasized, now the question is how to continue “to resist and help the Ukrainians get certain achievements on the spot (on the battlefield – UNIAN), which will force Russia to return to the negotiating table on Ukraine’s terms.”

According to him, negotiations will have to be held in the future.

Macron believes that in Russia, the authorities and the people have the same dreams, but we need to figure out how to create “a new normal that is acceptable to them and lasting to all of us.”

He stressed that this needs to be worked on.

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  1. I’d like to know who stuck a grenade up Macron’s ass so that he finally and publicly is taking the correct position.

  2. I do think he is right but I don’t think any negotiation with Putin makes sense.
    But I think any leader of Russia sucks, even Putin’s successor.

    • I’m with you Bert. There is no reasons for negotiations. What is there to negotiate? Putin invaded so Putin has to go home. Ukrainians won’t allow any concessions, only capitulation from the Aggressor. Zelensky will dictate the terms to the Kremlin worm and nobody will care what he says.

  3. Nothing to negotiate, get the frack out of Ukraine!
    Total Victory for ALL of Ukraine!!!🇺🇦

    Death to the demented, genocidal rashist, terrorist temporary occupiers, and their leaders.💥🔥☠️

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