Macron called for the restructuring of the world order and the reform of the UN Security Council

Vitaly Saenko19:16, 17.02.23

The French President said that Russia, as a permanent member of the Security Council, must uphold the rules of the organization, and not destroy them.

French President Emmanuel Macron called for the restructuring of the world order and the reform of the United Nations Security Council .

As an UNIAN correspondent reports, he stated this during his speech at the Munich Security Conference. In particular, he was asked if his vision for a new global order and lasting peace involves reforming the UN Security Council and involving other countries, including those from the global south, in its work.

“Yes, definitely, I think we need to re-engineer our global order. In my opinion, first of all – and this is a matter of extreme importance – we need to balance the global order and make it more inclusive. And I’m very impressed with how much we are losing the trust of the global south,” Macron said.

He explained that the world is very unbalanced. According to him, during the coronavirus pandemic, developed countries adhered to double standards, because they promised a lot of things to the countries of the global south, but carried out slowly.

In addition, the countries of the global south are now feeling the effects of Russia’s war against Ukraine, but at the same time, problems such as inequality, demographics and climate change are on the rise.

“In my opinion, the top priority should be to restore greater solidarity,” Macron said.

He also noted that the key should be a new partnership between the countries of the global south and north. To this end, a conference will be organized in Paris in June to help accelerate the reform of the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and rebuild the world order.

He also said that part of these efforts should be the reform of the UN Security Council.

“We must say clearly: one permanent member (of the UN Security Council – UNIAN) simply decided to destroy the rules that he was supposed to uphold. Therefore, we must reform the Council and rebuild,” Macron stressed.

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  1. Wow!! He must have been hit by lightning bolt or more likely the old Macron was kidnapped and replaced with a frog who actually has a brain and moral standards. Whatever it is I hope it lasts

  2. “Global South” is a stupid term as the differentiating criteria between countries isn’t actually geographic.

    And I disagree with Macron about Coronovirus vaccines. When there is a shortage, why do the countries with large populations of young people need them more than those with many vulnerable older people?

    Also, Corovirus originated in the Global South where the reaction was to jail those trying to report it.

    Anyway let’s check … South Africa is sitting on a huge stockpile of 29.7 million Covid-19 shots amid falling demand and South Africans aged 50 years and older were invited to get a fifth dose, and those aged 18 to 49 years a fourth dose.

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