“I bow my head”: the Scorpions frontman admired the Ukrainians and admitted that he wants to tell Zelensky. Video

17.02.2023 – Translated from Ukrainian via Google

German rock musician, leader of the Scorpions Klaus Meine is surprised by the courage of the Ukrainian people and the resilience of President Volodymyr Zelensky. The legend admired the patriotism of our fellow citizens who choose to live every day in Ukraine, without electricity and under shelling, and not abroad – in comfort.

Ukrainian TV presenter Oleksiy Sukhanov talked to Maine by posting an interview with the cult musician on his YouTube channel. The journalist asked what moment the singer remembered with the Ukrainians, and also found out what he would say to Vladimir Zelensky and Putin in person (to watch the video, scroll the page to the end).

“I am very amazed at how devoted they (Ukrainians – ed.) to their country. The fire that burns in their hearts, they are all patriots. I don’t think there is anything stronger than this feeling not to leave, but to say – “I will stand against this difficult and dangerous situation that could take my life or the lives of my loved ones. But I will be here. And my country can rely on me. Before that, I bow my head and kneel. It’s really incredible,” said the German star.

Klaus also told a touching story, which, according to him, forever united him with our state. In 2012, the performer was on tour in Ukraine. First he gave a concert in Kharkov, then in Lvov. In the first city, he received news of the death of his mother, but was unable to go to her funeral. After the burial of a loved one, Maine came to perform in Lviv. His fans came with posters that had words of support for the celebrity written on them.

“They stood in front of the stage and raised posters – Klaus, we are with you. For me it was a very emotional moment that connected me with Ukraine forever. Which I will never forget,” the musician emphasized.

The Scorpions frontman admitted that if he had the opportunity to meet with Zelensky, he would praise his everyday appeals to the people, asking him to continue to support Ukrainians with his words. And he would have ordered the Kremlin dictator to stop the war.

OBOZREVATEL recently reported that Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway called Volodymyr Zelensky “a hero of our time.” She expressed support for Ukraine after the President’s speech at the opening of the Berlin Film Festival, which took place on February 16, 2023.

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  1. The entire world should be bowing theirs heads for the Ukrainians. Praise us t enoygh. Macron and Merkle should kiss the ass of every Ukrainian for what they caused. Including the big ass wipe Obama who told Putin it’s ok to keep Crimea ir at least the US wouldn’t stop him.

  2. “They stood in front of the stage and raised posters – Klaus, we are with you. For me it was a very emotional moment that connected me with Ukraine forever. Which I will never forget.”

    This is what happens to normal people when they meet Ukraine. The feeling never leaves you. I would guess 100% of those that don’t support Ukraine in Putin’s war have never met Ukraine.

    • That’s true. They only know about Ukraine what they hear and read from their propaganda machinery. In other words, they are complete morons.

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