Hundreds of “Wagnerite”Mercenaries Eliminated

February 16, 2023 – Translated from Ukrainian via Google

On the night of February 16, the Ukrainian military destroyed several hundred Wagner PMC mercenaries, who were placed in the gym of the lyceum in Yenakiyevo.

A couple of days ago, 280–300 militants of the PMC “Wagner” drove into the lyceum of information technologies in the occupied Yenakiyevo. The invaders settled at night, hoping that during the curfew, local residents who are suspected of working for the Armed Forces of Ukraine would not notice them. However, on the night of February 16, HIMARS flew into the gym where the Russians were sleeping. According to blogger Fashik Donetsky, local collaborators and propaganda accuse the Armed Forces of Ukraine of hitting the educational institution. However, the photos released by them from the scene of the incident prove that the Ukrainian military hit precisely the barracks of the “Wagnerites”. So, in the photo you can see the floor of the gym. There must have been some blood on it that wasn’t washed off. “ Arrival was at night, chi 1:30, chi at 2 in Kiev. Question: who was in the lyceum in the gym in Yenakiyevo at that time? Really lyceum students? ” the blogger asked a rhetorical question.

In addition, the neighboring building of the lyceum, which remained intact after the “bavovna”, got into the frame. “Arrival” fell specifically at the place of accumulation of the invaders. According to the version of the occupying “authorities” of Yenakiyevo, they managed to avoid casualties during the strike on the lyceum.


  1. Wonderful … how the cockroaches congregate in one place to make it easier for successful AFU strikes.

  2. War is hell and senseless. Here is a fine educational institution becoming cockroach infested and ultimately rubble.

    It’s a shame the Russian economic model is corruption and intimidation and despicable that war is their tool for their elite to accumulate greater wealth.

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