Armed Forces of Ukraine will encircle Crimea: Piontkovsky predicted the “end” of Putin, the month is named (video)

Katerina Schwartz18:02, 17.02.23

By May 1, Ukraine will have the so-called “weapon of victory” – tanks, armored personnel carriers, artillery, long-range missiles and aircraft, the expert predicts.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is now struggling to use the last opportunity to attack. By May 1, Ukraine will have the so-called “weapon of victory”, and Russia will suffer a catastrophic defeat.

“By May 1, Ukraine will have the so-called “weapons of victory” – tanks, armored personnel carriers, artillery, firing at 160, and maybe even 320 kilometers. GLSDB, which expand our capabilities to 160 kilometers. And if we talk about threats of strikes against Moscow, then this issue will be resolved by Storm Shadow missiles. And aviation,”  political scientist and publicist Andrei Piontkovsky said in an interview with  UNIAN

The expert predicts a major catastrophic defeat for Russia in May – the capture of Melitopol and the encirclement of the Crimean group, which will trigger the political ending in the bunker, in which a serious conflict is already brewing:

“I attach great importance to the mini-coup that took place in the bunker from January 10 to 11. This was Putin’s first defeat in 23 years in power. And the generals, who felt the taste of victory over Putin in a very serious issue for themselves, changed the balance of power in the bunker. I am sure that the generals, as military professionals, opposed this adventure from the very beginning … In any fascist regime, a conflict between the generals and the Führer is inevitable. Someone should name the other guilty and thereby sentence to death. They they understand what he wanted to do with them with all these attacks. He led them to the same scenario as Stalin, who shot 50 generals in July 1941. They did not forget this, and this process will be reversed at a convenient moment.”

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  1. How about victory by May 9th. We know Putler has an obsession with dates. Give him one he’ll never forget.

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