Ukrainization of Chornomorets: letters in the name of the stadium are changed above the main entrance

The new owner of the Odessa stadium “Chernomorets” company Allrise Capital Inc. decided to carry out Ukrainization and change the inscription above the main entrance.

The former name “Chernomorets” was replaced by “Chornomorets”.

Letters are being replaced right now with the help of an aerial platform.

It should be reminded that on September 4-5, the stadium workers performed similar work inside the stadium, changing the inscriptions on the seats of the stands. “Odessa” and “Chernomorets” are now written in Ukrainian.



  1. Should have been done way back in 1991, but better late than never.

    I fully expect the nazi shills to cry wank themselves over this latest ‘insult’ / ‘crime’ / ‘desecration’

  2. I’m sure that lots of foam will be flowing over these name changes, from the mouths of mafia land’s standard propagandists.

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