Ukrainian crews mastering Patriot systems extremely quickly – Germany


Training of the Ukrainian military on the Patriot air defense system on German soil is progressing rapidly.

That’s according to an assessment by the Luftwaffe leadership, posted by Handelsblatt, Ukrinform reports.

“Ukrainians are very motivated and often already have some experience, so everything is happening quicker than expected,” the commander of the German training association said on Wednesday.

Courses for about 70 soldiers with the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been going on for about two weeks at the Bundeswehr training ground, the location of which has not been named for security reasons.

Patriot is one of the world’s highest-end air defense systems. It can be used to combat enemy aircraft, ballistic and cruise missiles. At a range of about 100 kilometers and at an altitude of up to 30 kilometers, missiles can hit targets within an imaginary ring around the position – depending on the guided missile used.

It should be recalled that, together with the USA, Germany agreed to provide Ukraine with a modern air defense system to protect the country Russian strikes targeting civilian infrastructure.


  1. There you have it – again. Ukrainians learn everything, quickly and expertly.

    Now send over the damned Western planes!

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