The European Union will ban the supply of toilets to Russia on the anniversary of a full-scale war

Nazar Steporuk13:48, 16.02.23

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The new package of sanctions will include an extensive list of manufactured goods.

The ambassadors of the EU member states, as part of the negotiations on the introduction of a new package of sanctions against Russia, studied a 146-page list of goods that are planned to be banned from being exported to the territory of the aggressor state. The list also includes toilet bowls – one of the main items for theft by the occupiers in Ukraine.

According to Euobserver , the restrictions will affect a wide range of industrial products. This includes “bidets, washbasins, cistern and similar plumbing fixtures”, as well as LEDs, hemp yarn, forklifts, mail sorters, chimneys, bricks, tires, and even “pen and pen nibs”.

Recall that the invaders actively stole toilet bowls in the temporarily occupied territories, which is confirmed by numerous statements by Ukrainians. In a January speech, President Volodymyr Zelensky said: “Let them take toilets – they will need them on the road – and return home.”Journalists in the article about the sanctions emphasized that there is no toilet bowl in every fifth house in Russia. It has become a symbol of the “welfare” of the citizens of the Russian Federation under the presidency of Vladimir Putin. However, reporters also pointed to the absence of restrictions in the new package that would affect the diamond and nuclear industries of the Russian Federation. They make up an impressive part of the income and generate funds for the continuation of the war in Ukraine.

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