Russia decides to massively use aviation in Ukraine – Russian media

Katerina Schwartz19:28, 16.02.23

Previously, the Russians took care of aviation, the source said.

The Russian army decided to massively use aviation in the war in Ukraine, which it had previously protected.

The Russians expect that this will add problems to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, despite the fact that planes and helicopters will also be “massively shot down,” writes the Russian edition “Important stories”, citing a source close to the Russian Defense Ministry.

“Previously, aviation was protected, it almost did not fly into the zone of Ukrainian air defense. Now they decided to change tactics,” the source said.

He pointed out that the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation still has an advantage in aviation over the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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  1. If their planes perform as good as their tanks, then it’s going to be a shooting gallery for the Patriot systems.

  2. Patriots contain a battery of four. Ukraine has what four?

    Even with the German Iris-Ts, French/Italian SAMP/T, US NASAMS and US Avengers and Hawks (for helicopters), Russia has numbers.

    And if the Ukrainian supply of S300s run low, will there be enough to keep Russian birds flying low and in-range of MANPADs.

    Sure, more NASAMS are on order but they won’t arrive soon enough.

    Luckily, precision munitions and accurate targeting information aren’t a Russian priority. Western tanks and equipment will probably be easier for Russian pilots to pick out though, so maybe they will try.

    • There’s a very good reason why mafia land refrained from going this route after losing a few too many aircraft in the beginning of the war. And, Ukraine has increased its capacity of air defense since then.

  3. Brother are they getting desparet now. Best estimates are they have lost 2% of the air force so far. They have done little damage to Ukraines air forces. th emost recent missile attacks have shot down close to 90% of the inbounds. After a year of fighting the airdefenses have acutally improved.
    As Napolian said:
    “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”

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