Near Belgorod, Russian air defense shot down its own missile (photo)

Marta Gichko08:16, 16.02.23

There is no such type of missiles in service with the Ukrainian army.

The vaunted Russian air defense in the Belgorod region of the Russian Federation shot down its own missile.

According to the local publication “Belgorodsky Informant”, on February 14, the authorities of the region reported on the downing of a missile in the Ivnyansky district. Subsequently, photos of the wreckage of the rocket appeared.

Local journalists found out the type of downed missile. This is Kh-35 / Kh-59, which is in service with the Russian army. “Whether it malfunctioned or it was a “friendly fire” is unknown,” the newspaper notes.

Fragment of a downed rocket /
Fragment of a downed rocket /

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