“Many, many, many, many years”: Stoltenberg made a frightening forecast for Russia

Anastasia Gorbacheva18:45, 16.02.23

NATO Secretary General noted that with the current behavior of the Russian regime in Moscow, there is no way to improve the situation.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg believes that the confrontation between NATO and Russia can continue for many more years. He noted that the Kremlin wants a Europe where they can control neighboring countries.

“NATO must be prepared for a protracted standoff with Russia after the immediate crisis triggered by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s year-long invasion of Ukraine,” Stoltenberg was quoted as saying by The Economic Times.

“We need to be prepared for the long term, it could take many, many, many, many years,” NATO Secretary General said.

According to him, changes in relations between the Russian Federation and the West can occur suddenly, so it is difficult to predict how long the confrontation will last.

“We saw the fall of the Berlin Wall or we saw September 11 … NATO will always consider where there are opportunities to get into a situation again, where there is room for better relations, but with the current behavior of the Russian regime, there is no possibility of a regime in Moscow,” he summed up Stoltenberg.

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  1. With you in charge it will be many, many years, with someone competent, it will be over with this year.

    • He still acts like a journalist instead of the head of the most powerful military force in world history. Kick him out after the Moskali are removed from Ukraine and put General Zaluzshny in his spot…

  2. It’s good to let them know that,if they think that they can “wait us out ” or that we will eventually lose interest, they are making a colossal mistake.

  3. This Marxist fuckwit needs to be forcibly retired and replaced with someone with the instinct snd morality of a warrior like Churchill.
    When putler and his filthy nazi murder gang planned this Holocaust, he expected in phase one to have a puppet in situ in weeks, the concentration camps set up and industrial scale mass murder to start running.
    In phase two, he expected a new world order established with the BRICS, Iran, Syria and every evil, fly-blown shithole in Africa, Asia, central and South America on team putler.
    Phase one failed, but phase two is on course. As a bonus, he probably expected France, Germany and Italy to turn against him, but he still has in Europe reliable lackeys such as Belarus, Hungary, Serbia plus one or two other ex-Yugoslav states and Austria.
    Thanks to the utterly inadequate sanctions regime, the putinazi economy is already back in growth.
    Thus far global response to putler has been abysmal and the Budapest signatories still refuse to honour their obligations.

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