“Suicide Squads”: the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported about the insane losses of the occupiers in the east of Ukraine

Nadia Prishlyak20:28, 15.02.23

Round-the-clock attacks continue there, the situation is tense, but the defenders of Ukraine do not allow the enemy to achieve their goals.

In the East, in some assault detachments of PMC “Wagner” and units of the 2nd army corps of the invaders, the losses amount to 80% of the personnel.

“The enemy’s offensive continues in the east. Round-the-clock attacks. The situation is tense. Yes, it’s hard for ours. You can see for yourself what kind of war the Russian Federation is waging. But our fighters do not allow the enemy to achieve their goals and inflict very serious losses,” said Anna, Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Painter on Telegram .

According to her, the evacuation of the dead and wounded from the enemy is limited or not carried out at all.

Malyar stressed that among the personnel of the Russian occupation forces in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine, there is a significant decrease in the level of trust in the decisions of the command of the Russian army on the conduct of hostilities.

“More and more Russian military personnel are realizing that their commanders inadequately assess the situation on the battlefield, as evidenced by the intensive use of the so-called” suicide squads “- units staffed by insufficiently trained mobilized people who daily suffer heavy combat and sanitary losses,” the Deputy Minister noted. defense.

She said that only one training center in the Rostov region sends about 500 hastily trained mobilized people every week, most of whom undergo an accelerated training course of 14 to 21 days. According to her, such servicemen, getting to the front, not wanting to play the role of “suicide squads”, resort to deliberate damage to military equipment, mainly engines, which, without firing a single shot, are sent to repair bases with full ammunition.

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