Russian conscripts agree to serve far away from front rather than fight Ukrainian army

15 FEBRUARY 2023

More and more Russian conscripts who have been sent to the war in Ukraine are coming forward with a request to serve only far away from the front line. 

Source: Video from the Russian branch of Radio Liberty 

Details: Journalists have made a video compilation of different conscripts from Russia’s Orenburg Oblast and from Irkutsk, Kaliningrad and Tatarstan.

“We are expendable”

The conscripts complain that they were supposedly hired for Territorial Defence Force units, but as soon as they arrived in the occupied territory of Donetsk Oblast in Ukraine, they were notified that they were now fully fledged assault soldiers.

They say the following regarding this: “A lot of people in our unit have chronic illnesses, are overweight or have other medical restrictions.” “We are literally being led to slaughter.” “We are like expendables here.”

Nevertheless, the Russians say that they are not refusing to carry out the assigned tasks, but they are not trained for an assault. 

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  1. Are these conscripts cowards or heroes as I’m sure these conscripts will commit suicide shortly with a bullet behind their head.

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