Bill Browder: Putin Thinks He Can Outlast Us | Amanpour and Company

Feb 15


  1. All influential people who want to put a stop to putler’s genocide should watch this interview at least once.
    In particular the four men who could make the biggest difference: Messrs Biden, Blinken, Austin and Milley.
    1/ No more of the “drip feed” approach to weaponry.
    2/ How to get hundreds of $billions of criminal putinazi cash into Ukraine.
    3/ No negotiations; only total defeat for the child murdering nazi scum.

  2. A very sharp guy with a lot of great ideas and interesting thoughts on how to increase the pain for moskovy, and further tilt the balance in Ukraine’s favor.

    • Unfortunately try to get the ball-less western leaders Togo’s some gonads and do the right thing is rather remote

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