Belarusian Officer Says, We Will Be The First To Surrender To AFU

Entire divisions will desert.


The so-called combat readiness test is ongoing in Belarus. Those liable for military service, including reserve officers, are called to the training camp. A number of Belarusian opposition political figures urge the EU to open humanitarian corridors for Belarusians fleeing the draft campaign.

A reserve officer who was called to a training camp spoke with on condition of anonymity:

– In 2021 they drafted me for a month. Also, I somehow managed to pass it in 2022. There were guys from different parts of the country. The main distinguishing feature is the feeling of fear. People are really afraid that they will be sent to fight.

A year and a half ago everyone was stuffed with propaganda about “Western Puppeteers”, the “Fifth Column” and so on, but now there is a tough brainwashing about Ukraine, NATO, the “attack of the Poles”. They are talking about the Kalinouski Regiment every day.

– How do the reserve officers who arrived at the training camp feel about this propaganda?

– More than 80% of them are openly laughing, the rest are thinking that “not everything is clear”, but no one wants to fight. All of them are young guys, everyone knows how to use the Internet, and they’ve seen the burnt corpses of Russians in Ukraine. If someone, perhaps, used to have some incomprehensible desire to “rattle weapons”, now there is no such desire at all.

The most common discussions are about what they are going to do if they are still sent to fight.

– What are the most popular solutions?

– Let’s just say, units will be cut even before the order. Many have passports with visas. Some talk of plans to “hide in basements” or ignore orders. There is a certain percentage of those who said that they would surrender to the Ukrainians as soon as possible. There were also more decisive solutions. They said that they were going to get weapons, and the people who would give the arms to them would be poor.

There is a feeling that the footage that we saw after the announcement of mobilization in Russia, when there were these huge lines at the border with Georgia and other countries, is nothing. If something like this is announced in Belarus, there will simply be no men left.

A guy from Homiel said that they just had a general departure of men who, theoretically, could be sent to war. He himself is already in the Polish visa application process and leaving in a couple of months. In the cities on the border area, there is a steady fear that some kind of missile will come and that the Ukrainians will destroy it as retaliation.

– What do the contract officers that you contacted at the training camp say?

– The senior officer corps does not speak out on these topics. Yes, the major general came and spoke on a piece of paper about the “sacred duty to the motherland”, “Slavic brotherhood” and “real men”. This is a typical Soviet “carpet knight”, who has no idea about warfare and speaks in some clichés from the Soviet time.

Younger ranks simply ignore these topics. The majors at the smoke breaks say that they will be the first to surrender to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Here, apparently, much still depends on age and rank. Naturally, the most loyal people who are ready to follow orders make their way to the very top. But whether they are ready to die not for the defence of their homeland, but for the interests of Russia is a big question.

– Is it possible that Belarusians will be sent to fight?

– I can’t speak for the regular military troops. Perhaps one of the Vitebsk paratroopers, guys from the SOF, will be ready to attack.

If we talk about conscripts and those who can be mobilized, nothing will come of it. Yes, there are rumours that we can somehow be mixed with the Russians and there will be detachments, but I can’t imagine that something will come of this. There will be total desertion, entire divisions will surrender.

– What would you say to the Belarusians who can be sent to this war?

– If you realize that they are sending you to Ukraine, then talk to your fellow soldiers, talk to your officer. Explain that no one is going to die. At times like this, I think you need to be tough. To say that there will be arms and if the officer says something wrong, then a “stray bullet” may come.

There are contacts on the Internet on how to contact the Ukrainian military. It is important to understand that we, the opponents of the war, are in the absolute majority. The “carpet knights” who will pump you up with propaganda will not fight themselves. If we want, there will simply be no offensive.


  1. “…but no one wants to fight. All of them are young guys, everyone knows how to use the Internet, and they’ve seen the burnt corpses of Russians in Ukraine. If someone, perhaps, used to have some incomprehensible desire to “rattle weapons”, now there is no such desire at all.”

    I wonder how many cockroaches have seen such images before they get sent to the front and to their certain deaths.
    The vast majority of Belarusian soldiers are against this war and the regime, so why don’t they just topple loony, throw out the cockroaches and join Ukraine?

    • That’s my question as well. Why don’t they grow some balls and rebel and take over the Luka regime. Russia can’t help Luka. He’s busy with our heroes.

      • We saw this a couple summers ago when Lukashenko burned all the ballots and claimed victory. It was mostly the women who protested and then they were rounded up and raped and tortured too. Then the protests stopped. IMO it is quite possible Belarus is emptying even faster than Moskovia.

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