Zelensky will consider a petition to rename Russia to Muscovy: gained more than 25 thousand votes

14.02.2023 – Translated from Ukrainian via Google

An electronic petition to President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky about renaming Russia into Muscovy gained 25,000 votes necessary for consideration. According to the law , the head of state must consider it and make a certain decision.

The corresponding petition was registered on November 23 and as of February 14 it received more than 25,030 votes . This is evidenced by the data on the President’s website.

The initiator of the appeal to the president about the official renaming of the aggressor country is Valery Shakhvorostov. He insists that the historical name of Russia is Muscovy .

The historical name of Russia is Muscovy. The same applies to the state formations of the Moscow principality, the Moscow kingdom, and the empire. This name was used in European and some Asian languages. On many historical maps of the XVI-XIX centuries. On October 22, 1721, that is, 301 years ago, Moscow Tsar Peter I proclaimed the Moscow kingdom “Russian Empire”. Only 301 years there is “Russia”. The name change gave grounds for further capture of the history of Kievan Rus… Calling Russia Russia, we legalize her lies and confirm that we agree with her version of history,” the author noted.

The petition notes that Ukraine’s inaction on the historical name of Russia is a tacit acknowledgment of the hostile and dangerous claim that the Russian Federation is a direct descendant of Kievan Rus.

The author believes that the renaming of the name “Russia” to “Muscovy” will launch a wave of information search, along with the search, the historical facts of the creation of the Russian and Ukrainian states will be revealed, and this will lead to the dispelling of the Kremlin myths regarding the historical past of the “great Russian people” for Russians and citizens of other states who considered Ukraine and Russia “the only whole” before the start of a full-scale war of Russia against Ukraine

As OBOZREVATEL reported, the Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the UN, Serhiy Kislitsa, supported the renaming of Russia to Muscovy . The diplomat called for the adoption of the relevant law.

We have only verified information in the Obozrevatel Telegram channel and in Viber . Don’t fall for fakes!


    • Bhaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaa!
      Sorry, that’s too long Sir Facts, lol…
      I support it too. “Russia” refers to the entire Rus territory prior to the 16th century. So how could it be called “Russia” when the center and capital of the territory, Kyiv, is not included. In fact, if there really was a capital of “Russia” it would be Kyiv.

    • The Kremlinals must be going crazy. Lenin statues going down, renaming thousands of streets and parks and now going back to Moskovia’s real name? Ukraine is destroying everything the misfits have been building the last 500 years.

      • Yes, they must be fuming! Either they will avoid the topic, seeing they are powerless to do anything about it, or they will invent hair-raising stories to feed their moronic sheep and spit hate and foam at their foul traps on TV.

  1. Sign at the Airport.

    ‘Welcome to moskovia – Another totalitarian shithole.’

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