Scathing Rebuke: AFU Colonel Assesses The Failure Of Occupant’s Army

What to expect from the “February offensive” of the Russians?


The defeat of the 155th Russian brigade of marines by the Ukrainian military near Ugledar shows the unprofessionalism of Putin’s commanders and can become a visiting card of the Russian offensive.

Roman Svitan, a military expert, a colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the reserve, stated this on the air of Apostrof TV.

“I think the 155th is defeated. It is unlikely that it will already be restored; there is absolutely no point. It is already a cursed figure. There was indeed a scathing rebuke of Russian troops in Ugledar, those mobilized, trained in the last few months. It is probably impossible to come up with a worse planning of this operation. This is a specific unprofessionalism of Russian commanders. If this is a visiting card of the February offensive, it should be under the aegis of Ugledar,” the colonel said.

However, he notes that Russian pressure is now increasing from Ugledar to Kupyansk. There are about 10 hot spots the Russians are trying to storm every day. The number, geography of the assaults and the width of the fronts through which the Russians are trying to advance have increased.

“This is Ugledar, Marinka, Avdiivka, Bakhmut, Belohorivka, Kreminna, of course, the Svatovsk and Kupyansk direction. The width of the front is about 200 kilometers. Plus the width of the offensive has increased at each point – from 2-3 kilometers to 10 kilometers. By the way, it proves that they are switching from the tactics of advancing in small tactical groups of 10-15 people to assault squads, battalion assault squads and the regiment level to fulfill tasks”, Svitan explains.

He believes the occupants will reach their maximum capability by the end of February at this rate and with this progression.

“I think they will only increase the number of offensive actions twofold. That is, the maximum will come at the end of February. Then, it will all decline, because the main units will already have entered and fight.

Based on those recent battles during the week, one can say that the Russians attempted a large-scale offensive, and were repulsed in the area of Ugledar, Avdiivka, Kreminna, Svatovka, Belohorivka. In some positions, our troops regained their old positions, which had been lost months ago, and seized the Russian positions. For example, near Belohorivka, in Avdiivka and Ugledar.

This is a reverse-negative offensive in some places. However, one should not relax. This is a reconnaissance in force. They are now being reshuffled, maybe some commanders will be replaced, maybe there will be some rotation of the troops,” the military expert notes.

He says that about 350 thousand Russians have already entered more than 1,000 kilometers of the front line of about 100 kilometers deep. According to Svitan, this concentration of troops is not enough to hold the front.


  1. “The defeat of the 155th Russian brigade of marines by the Ukrainian military near Ugledar shows the unprofessionalism of Putin’s commanders and can become a visiting card of the Russian offensive.”

    We’ve seen almost an entire year of war. Not once, in no way, absolutely never have I’ve seen anything from the cockroach generals that impressed me in any way, even a smidgen. The same goes for the rest of the horde. There might be real competence, here and there, in the lower ranks, but they are an exception and not a rule and this can never change the big picture of things. Everyone (almost) is putting so much emphasize on the purported “HUGE” mafia offensive. Well, we’ll see about that…

  2. Seems to me the only reason the Russians got any territory during the year especially initially in Feb 22 was because of the traitors which only now seem to get addressed by the UKIE echelon

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