Pugacheva’s pension was taken away in the Russian Federation: Primadonna’s friend spoke about her “harassment” (video)

Elena Sparrow18:04, 14.02.23

Pugachev continues to be poured with mud in the Russian Federation.

Music critic and friend of Alla Pugacheva Artemy Troitsky spoke about how Primadonna is being “poisoned” in the Russian Federation. The singer was deprived of her pension, this is all done for a reason.

For the Kremlin, Pugachev is an “argument”. By humiliating her, officials are hinting to ordinary Russians that this will be the case with everyone who is against a bloody full-scale war.

“Precisely because Alla Borisovna is an argument, they don’t leave her alone. About the pension … This, of course, is ridiculous, but this is a purely symbolic gesture about the pension. I can imagine what kind of pension Alla Borisovna would have … Somewhere around 50-60 thousand rubles (approximately 25-30 thousand hryvnias – UNIAN), this is taking into account all her titles, merits, etc. Well, that is, as you understand, this is less than 1000 euros, and not to say that this is a big increase in the family budget. But here, of course, the symbolic meaning is important. The Russian government simply indulges in all serious things, allowing all sorts of stupid things. Well, I really want to curry favor with the officials and I really want to make a dirty trick, “Troitsky said in the new release of the Argument project.

However, the Kremlin is only making things worse. Ordinary Russians hardly want to rejoice because of the “persecution” of Pugacheva. According to Troitsky, they are simply trying to intimidate the inhabitants of the Russian Federation.

“They take the most popular, most authoritative, most beloved Russian artists, some moral authorities, in principle, for the Russian population. And they begin to poison them … Partly this is done, of course, just to intimidate. wished, and Galkin and Pugacheva. For everyone else to sit quietly, otherwise it will be worse. This, of course, is a minus for Putin and the Kremlin propagandists, because Pugacheva, and Zemfira, and Akhedzhakov … This still does not please the simple Russian audience,” the critic concluded.

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