“Pious guy”: propagandist Solovyov freaked out live because of the pictures of his model son

Anastasia Gorbacheva16:20, 14.02.23


The so-called journalist also went through the Russian media because of the publication of a photo of his son.

Russian propagandist Vladimir Solovyov went into hysterics after the media published a photo of his model son . The so-called journalist, foaming at the mouth, began to prove that Daniil Solovyov was studying in Moscow and that he was a “deeply pious guy.”

According to the propagandist, his son really once studied in England, but has been studying at Moscow University for several years. At the same time, he did not say in which particular higher educational institution Daniil was educated. In addition, he vehemently denied that his son worked with a modeling agency.

“This is the IPSOshny lie that the Kiev propagandist has abandoned,” Solovyov declared with foam at the mouth.

He also went over the Russian media, which circulated photos of his children, called them “creatures” and said that they “serve the interests of the Ukronazis.

According to him, the media in Russia disseminated this information for “Ukronazi money”. He pompously stated that he does not accept apologies from publications that lie and “work out the agenda of the Ukrainian IPSO” and “are agents of the Ukronazis.”

“My son is a young, handsome guy with a model appearance… He is also a talented musician and makes films, including about Orthodox churches. He is a deeply pious guy, and now he is being persecuted, like my second son,” the propagandist said in hysterics.

https://www.unian.net/player/VR6Z5XxRSolovyov has a powerful “burnt” because of the photo of his model son

Scandalous photos of Daniil Solovyov – what is known

Recently, information surfaced in the media that  21-year-old Daniil Solovyov lives in London and works as a model . In some photos, he poses in women’s clothing, with manicures and makeup. It is noted that the photos that were distributed on the network were taken as part of an advertising campaign for the beauty salon Vladislav Lisovets Office.

At the same time, his father opposes the LGBT community, demands that conscripts be sent to the front, and also calls for rockets to be fired at European capitals. 

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  1. If the little creep is wearing women’s clothes then I expect there will be more and more pictures. What will the propagandist use for an excuse next time? Or will he continue to blame “Ukrainian Nazis” for dressing his son? By the way, how did the “Ukrainian Nazis” force him into women’s clothes? lol…

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