The Russian government is considering several scenarios for the end of the war.

From the LinkedIn page of Andrew Pryma

Feb 13

The Russian government is considering several scenarios for the end of the war. This includes their total defeat due to the inability to capture more territories coupled with huge military losses. According to the Russian military’s latest actions, they have started to realize that the war could be lost, and they want to make sure the temporarily occupied regions are burned, destroyed, or simply erased from the earth.

Russian troops have been draining the #Kakhovka Reservoir on the Dnypro river in the last few weeks. This will threaten the environment, water supply, and agriculture of the #Zaporizhzhia and #Kherson regions. Both regions, with a size of 54,000 square kilometers (33,000 sq miles) could be damaged for decades. Moreover, the reservoir is used primarily to supply hydroelectric stations, the Krasnoznamianka Irrigation System, the Kakhovka Irrigation System, industrial plants such as the 5.7 GW Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant, freshwater fish farms, the North Crimean Canal and the Dnipro–Kryvyi Rih Canal.
The logic behind Russian terrorism, is “if it’s not mine, it will not be anyone’s”.


  1. Comment from LinkedIn member Gene Price:

    “Sound familiar? Its called Stalin’s “scorched earth policy.”

    Joseph Stalin, June 1941: “In case of forced retreat of Red Army units, all rolling stock must be evacuated, the enemy must not be left a single engine, a single railway truck, not a single pound of grain or gallon of fuel. Collective farmers must drive off all their cattle and turn over their grain to the safe keeping of the state authorities, for transportation to the rear. If valuable property that cannot be withdrawn, must be destroyed without fail.

    In areas occupied by the enemy, partisan units, mounted and on foot, must be formed; sabotage groups must be organized to combat enemy units, to foment partisan warfare everywhere, blow up bridges and roads, damage telephone and telegraph lines, set fire to forests, stores and transport. In occupied regions conditions must be made unbearable for the enemy and all his accomplices. They must be hounded and annihilated at every step, and all their measures frustrated.”

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