The Russian army suffered the biggest losses since the beginning of the war – details of the defeat

“Everything is going according to plan”

13.02.2023 – Translated from Ukrainian via Google and OFP

The “second army in the world”, which has been threatening to wipe Ukraine off the face of the earth for a year now, not only does not have a single regional center in its posession, but also suffers huge losses. Moreover, according to a number of intelligence agencies, over the past two weeks, the losses have become the largest since the beginning of a full-scale invasion.

What is happening at the front and where the RF Armed Forces received especially painful blows – read in the OBOZREVATEL material.

Demonstrative defeat

A British intelligence report published on Twitter by the UK Department of Defense on February 12 stated that in the past two weeks, Russia has lost the most soldiers since the start of a full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022.

The average loss per day was approximately 824 people. This, according to intelligence, is due to the influence of various factors. The main reasons are the lack of trained soldiers, poor coordination, and the decrease in the resources of the occupying army. The most striking example of the colossal losses of the Russian army is in the area of ​​Ugledar and Bakhmut.

tanks Ugledar

The losses of the Russians near Ugledar really came as a shock to the invaders: they tried to storm the city, but were soundly defeated. The video of what was left of the column of tanks was made public by the soldiers of the Russian army themselves. They accompanied this with the words that they would not show this on TV – everything is fine there, and Russia, of course, “wins.”

“And this is our destroyed equipment. Everything is scattered around, there is a turret from a tank, and here is the tank itself. There are bodies lying in the field nearby. Here is another tank. Well, in a straight line further, the same thing. Here, that’s how we live. And everything is always fine with us, we are the best,” the surviving occupier says behind the scenes.

According to the Dutch resource of defense analytics and military operations research Oryx, which was published by CNN, Russia lost up to half of its tank fleet in Ukraine since the start of a full-scale invasion. Yakub Yanovsky, a military analyst at the Oryx monitoring group, believes that the actual losses of Russian tanks is much higher and could be up to two thousand units. In just three days, 36 tanks were destroyed alone near Ugledar and Avdiivka.

This state of affairs caused harsh criticism of the actions of the military command in the Russian Federation.

Defense Minister Shoigu also got ranted on – he was called a complete degenerate, who, even a year after the start of the “brilliant” full-scale invasion, tenaciously clings to his post.

According to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, over the past week, February 6-12, the Russian occupation forces lost almost 6.5 thousand of their soldiers in battles on the territory of Ukraine, as well as 400 pieces of heavy equipment. In particular, the Russian army is “poorer” by two aircraft, two helicopters and 60 tanks.

Serious losses were suffered by the occupiers in Bakhmut, Vasilyevsky, Berdyansk, Volnovakhsky, Kakhovka districts, as well as in Melitopol, Donetsk and Ilovaisk – seven weapons depots and six headquarters were destroyed there.

The enemy needs success

Still, the enemy must not be underestimated. And given that only 11 days remain until the anniversary of the so-called special military operation, the likelihood that it will be hot is very high.

“Putin desperately needs at least some success, which he can tell the Federal Assembly on the eve of February 24. Therefore, the enemy will try to “break through the wall with his forehead”, trying to take revenge, but our Defense Forces are ready for this,” says an OBOZREVATEL interlocutor in intelligence.

Also, until February 24, a high threat of rocket attacks on the territory of Ukraine remains, so the air alert should not be ignored. Now it is important both to save your life and to actively help the defenders of Ukraine to fight the Russian horde – with everything you can.

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  1. This horde has lost the war, it just doesn’t know it yet.

    “Putin desperately needs at least some success, which he can tell the Federal Assembly on the eve of February 24.”

    How many other important dates have come and gone and there were no success to feed the ruskie sheep with? Vlad’s b-day (his dad should’ve jerked off into the Baltic Sea. Vlad would’ve at least been fish food and done some good in this world) Zelensky’s birthday, May 9th, Stalingrad anniversary, 100th day of war, 200th day of war, Anniversary of the Battle of Kurk.

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