Media analyse deaths of Russian soldiers: 40% of them died in 2023

 13 FEBRUARY 2023

Almost half of those [Russian soldiers – ed.] mobilised, whose names were established by the Russian BBC service, died in 2023.

Source: Russian BBC

Details: Based on open sources, the publication established the names of 1,082 mobilised Russians who died in the war in Ukraine. Considering that mobilisation began at the end of September 2022, all these people died in just four months of fighting.

From the middle of December, a sharp increase in the daily losses of the Russian military became noticeable. Throughout 2022, Russian sources typically reported around 250-300 deaths each week.

Currently, it is possible to confirm at least 600 names every week, and an average of 700 people every week since the end of January. And this is only the data that the journalists managed  to find and check according to open sources.

Quote: “Forty per cent of Russian conscripts whose deaths have been confirmed have died since 1 January [2023 – ed.]. The actual casualties among conscripts may be much higher, as many reports of soldiers killed in Ukraine since October do not specify their status. Due to this, it is sometimes impossible to understand whether a person served as a contract worker, went to the front as a volunteer, or was mobilised.

At the same time, in the last 3 months, approximately 70% of all obituaries of Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine are accompanied by photos of people in ordinary clothes, not in military uniforms. This may be an indirect indication of the growing losses of those who until recently were civilians.”

Details: The BBC says it knows of 49 conscripts who died on Russian soil while in collection points or in military units. Most often, the cause of death was health problems or delayed provision of medical care.

Suicide was the cause of death for eight people. At least six soldiers died as a result of training accidents or road accidents.

The first reports of combat losses of the mobilised began to arrive at the beginning of October 2022; that is, less than two weeks after the start of mobilisation.

The publication notes that before going to the front, the first units of the mobilised had from three to seven days to prepare. For comparison, Soviet conscript soldiers were trained for four to six months before being sent to Afghanistan.

Quote: “Many of those who found themselves on the front lines in October-November described roughly the same picture: they were sent to the front without being given clear instructions and without explanations on where they were. There were not enough supplies; an attack would begin, people ran everywhere, the commander disappeared or died. As a result, disorganised units began to act chaotically and split into groups, which often died or were captured.

The mobilised units that arrived at the front later – in November or December 2022 – were already more united and usually better equipped. But another problem arose. It turned out that often such units were trained in one specialty, for example as artillerymen, and at the front they were transferred to infantry. As a result, the mobilised were once again unprepared on the front lines.”


  • Russia has likely suffered its heaviest losses since the first week of its invasion of Ukraine over the past two weeks.

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  1. “Media analyse deaths of Russian soldiers: 40% of them died in 2023”

    Knowing this soothes the soul. Many more must be made to meet their maker. No, not “God”.

    • It would soothe me as well if it weren’t for the brave Ukrainian heroes dying because of the fuckin insanity of a shithead filled society.

    • God is their maker. Those who did not accept Christ as lord and savior are relegated to hades until the time of the final judgment, then cast into the lake of fire.

        • Finally, with your story of God (whose existence is not proven by the way) it seems to me that you have overshadowed the main point:

          We are what we are largely because we were born in the right place, with the right education in the right context.
          The newborn Russian is born on a wrong trajectory and is a victim. He may later become an executioner as well, but when he leaves the womb he has the potential of all human beings.

          this raises the question i think every human being should ask: what protects us from being bastards?
          life can be very cruel, because even if you are aware of things, the blinded ones bring you to the question “is it me or him”.

          I take this opportunity to say that surely one of the strengths of Man – this social animal – is not to be at the same distance from events and thus to develop different skills.

          when you are in a fight, rage and hatred will help you to answer more quickly to the question “him or me” but afterwards it will be a handicap.
          the way you look at people affects them. looking at someone and thinking bad about them makes them bad. In spite of the disappointment and the pain that he will have caused us, we will have to offer him a chance to redeem himself and to grow up well…

          of course there is a “human mechanics” as there is a mechanics of the living and an unconscious mechanics which makes human behaviors relatively predictable.
          we can state some rules :
          the human being needs to be valued and is self-indulgent. he favors his group of belonging… he negotiates with reality. when the constraints are too strong he enters into denial.

          for example, if he has to choose between the conclusions “I live under an authoritarian regime in a country that wages a war of aggression” or “I am a liberator” he will deal with reality and choose the fable in which he has the best role and he will be all the more aggressive as his belief is fragile.

          and it is because there is a human mechanic that if you want to obtain big changes without having big reactions you have to proceed by small successive shifts (the story of the frog). it is like that besides that the dictators confiscate the democracies.

          Long live the free and dignified men and women, many of whom are Ukrainians 😉

          • God’s existence is proven every day. In science (and I know people like you LOVE science) there is the theory that you cannot make something out of nothing and since there is “something” everywhere it must have come from somewhere. But where? Who made Heaven and Earth? The answer is God, the Creator. Just because you cannot imagine it or feel it or accept it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. God bless Ukraine and save her from evil.

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