In the liberated Snigurivka, after 11 months of downtime, the bread factory resumed its work

In Snigurivka (Mykolaiv region), after a forced break of almost 11 months, the bread factory resumed its work.

Nadiya Palamarchuk, director of the Sniguriv bakery, told Sospilny correspondents about this , the National Industrial Portal reports .

Russian troops looted the equipment here, damaged the equipment and left behind debris. Despite this, after the de-occupation of the community, the owners returned and once again bake bread for local residents.

The Sniguriv bakery did not stop its activities after the announcement of a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. Free bread was distributed to soldiers and local residents. Employees worked until March 17, 2022.

“Before that, we worked under shelling, then when the Russians came, it was clear that no one was working anymore. Russians lived at the bread factory,” says Nadiya Palamarchuk, director of the enterprise.

The occupiers took equipment and cars from the plant, damaged the substation, broke furniture and opened safes.

One of the premises of the bread factory in Snigurivka after the “arrival” of the occupiers. Photo: Nadia Palamarchuk

“When we arrived at the bakery after the deoccupation, there were only walls, and they were partially destroyed. Some of the windows were broken, there was no equipment,” says Nadiya Palamarchuk.

The owner of the enterprise decided to resume the activity of the bakery, no matter what. They ordered new equipment and repaired the broken one.

One of the premises of the bread factory in Snigurivka after the “arrival” of the occupiers. Photo: Nadia Palamarchuk

“The first thing we started with, because we needed electricity, was to assemble a substation. Electricity was turned on, part of the wires were changed. They ordered a stove, while they tried it, it didn’t work right away. While we’re fixing it. The old equipment was taken from Mykolaiv, the roaster was bought,” says the owner of the enterprise.

Before the full-scale invasion, the bakery produced 500-800 kilograms of products per day. As of February 9, about 100 kilograms are produced. The range includes bread, buns with poppy seeds, jam and banana filling, rolls.

Over time, they plan to increase the volumes. As of February 9th, they are baking exclusively for the residents of the Sniguriv community.

“Bread for all heads! Therefore, if bread factories start operating here, jobs are restored, it is not many jobs, but these are jobs and business returns – this is an event for us,” says the head of the city’s military administration, Ivan Kukhta.


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