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Feb 13

Maria Romanenko’s open letter to GB News

Maria is a TV journalist and writer from Ukraine currently living in Manchester with her partner.

She has written an open letter to Paul Marshall, a major investor at GB News, concerning how too often the coverage from GB News presenters and journalists on Russia’s invasion of UK, too often spreads disinformation, lies and Kremlin propaganda. She goes in to detail how in her open letter, which I include photos of. It includes the trivialising of Zelenskyy’s visit to the UK and criticising his clothing attire, the exact narrative the Russian Embassy of the UK gave the day after the visit.

Too often those working for GB News act as useful idiots for the Kremlin. It’s time they stopped doing this.

If you feel like Maria, please also write to GB News.







  1. And who might be the “star” presenter of GB News?
    Why it’s that pissy little putlerite toad Nigel Farage; Trump’s UK bagman.

    • It’s sad! I’m nearly exhausted sending letters, making calls trying to shame those US scum bags into understanding their shameful behavior. Nothing seems to move them. But I’m a tenacious motherfucker with Ukrainian descent who doesn’t give up easily. I’ll keep pushing and exposing their inhumane behavior.

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