Berlusconi accused Zelensky of starting the war and proposed a plan to “end” it

Ludmila Zhernovskaya01:34, 13.02.23

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A friend of Putin said that Ukraine should no longer be helped by the United States.

Former Italian Prime Minister  Silvio Berlusconi has criticized Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and said the United States should not help the country with weapons and money.

In an interview with  IL Messaggero  , he said that he would never speak to the President of Ukraine as prime minister. “Because we are witnessing the devastation of the country and the massacre of its soldiers and civilians. It would be enough for him to stop attacking the two autonomous republics of Donbass and this would not have happened. So I assess the behavior of this gentleman very, very negatively,” he said .

Berlusconi believes US President Joe Biden should offer Zelensky a $9 trillion “Marshall Plan” to rebuild Ukraine after the war.

“However, on one condition – tomorrow you will give the order for a ceasefire. Also because from tomorrow we will no longer give you dollars and we will no longer give you weapons. Only this could convince this gentleman to achieve a ceasefire,” he said. former prime minister.

In the office of the current Prime Minister of Italy, commenting on Berlusconi’s statements, they said that the support of the Italian government for Ukraine is firm and convincing.

Berlusconi scandalous statements

Recall that at the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Berlusconi, who is called a friend of Putin, said that he was “disappointed and saddened” by his behavior.

However, after that, he suggested that Europe “make a peace proposal to Putin and the Ukrainians,  trying to force Kiev to accept Russia’s demands .” He also stated that the Russian army supposedly simply had to replace the government of Ukraine with “decent people” , and called Putin “a man of the world.”

Vladimir Zelensky reacted to Berlusconi’s statements – he said that the politician was repeating Putin’s narratives , and also wished him good health.

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  2. In an interview with IL Messaggero , he said that he would never speak to the President of Ukraine as prime minister.

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