Austria does not want to train Ukrainian tankers on Leopard 2

Marta Gichko14:48, 13.02.23

At the same time, other foreign military personnel are already being trained in the country.

Austria refuses to train the Ukrainian military on Leopard 2 battle tanks .

According to Kurier , the decision was confirmed by Defense Minister Claudia Tanner in a written statement to Ö1 Morgejournal.

As the newspaper notes, Austria has the only tank battalion, which is based in Wels. It has 48 Leopard 2 battle tanks. Austrian Leopards train foreign soldiers, in particular from the NATO countries of Hungary and the Czech Republic.

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  1. Perhaps Germany Austria and Hungary should get out of NATO, the EU and join the cockroach federation.

    • I hope so. Unfortunately human nature as it is especially Ukrainian human nature we are quick to forgive.

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