Another unidentified object shot down in the sky over the USA

Ludmila Zhernovskaya00:59, 13.02.23

This happened about 14 miles from the border.

The US military shot down a fourth unidentified flying object near the Canadian border.

This was announced by Member of the US House of Representatives from Michigan Elissa Slotkin in the microblog Twitter . The object was spotted over Lake Huron, and the military began to follow it. It was later shot down by USAF and National Guard pilots.

An F-16 jet fighter shot down the object with the same missile used in the previous three situations, a US Department of Defense spokesman said. A Canadian official told The Wall Street Journal that the incident happened about 14 miles from the US border.e congressman’s aide said the object was octagonal and 20,000 feet high, posing a threat to commercial aircraft. 

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