Where is God?


Feb 12

Where is God?

Most of you know that I am a Christian. I have heard people asking me where is God in all of this suffering that Ukrainian people are going through? My answer is simple: God is with Ukrainian people. He is with a hurting mother, a grieving wife, a wounded soldier. He is in the midst of our pain. Jesus never promised us a worry free life. On the contrary, He said in the Gospel of John: “In this world you will have trouble.” But God did promise us: “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” And that is the promise we are holding on to – the promise that God is with us, with Ukrainian people.


  1. Putinazis deliberately bombed hospitals, schools, kindergartens, old people’s homes, apartment complexes, theatres, shopping malls, churches.
    Putinazi “soldiers” are savages unlike almost anything ever seen in history. They thieved off Ukrainians on a massive scale. What they couldn’t thieve, they destroyed. They marauded around and tortured men, women and children. They castrated men, cut off heads, raped women, girls, men, boys, children; even babies. They often cut out the tongues of the women and girls they raped, then burned the bodies. The worst creatures ever to live on this planet.
    Where is God and why has Ukraine been forced to suffer from the fiends of putlerstan with so little help from the civilized world?
    Such pure, concentrated evil in such a staggeringly large form has never been seen before.
    Yet God remains dormant.

  2. Where is God?
    Why let good people and even children die every day, yet allow despicable, evil mafia monsters to live?

  3. Evil exists because humanity turned their backs on God. God is not dormant. He watches over His Word to perform it. We all have free will to do good or evil. It is not God’s fault that we make such crappy decisions. Until Jesus’ return bones will still break, hearts will still break, and good will still suffer by those that choose evil. This is not new, but we are seeing it all too vividly in real time. Good and evil have been wrestling since the first sin. God has given us the ability to choose good and evil, and when we choose evil, He allows us, and those around us, to suffer the consequences of evil. Rather than blaming God and questioning God on why He does not prevent all evil, we should be about the business of proclaiming the cure for evil and its consequences—Jesus Christ! All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. All must repent or perish. Further, discussion of moral ideas leads inevitably to a crossroads. Either moral ideas are completely subjective, and therefore meaningless, or they must be grounded in some unchanging standard. Human experience doesn’t support the conclusion that morals mean nothing. The most reasonable explanation for why people think in moral terms and share moral ideals is a real moral law provided by a Moral Lawgiver, i.e., God.

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