Video Fact: Vuhledar Outskirts Littered With Tank Wreckage, Bodies Of Russian Soldiers

New footage of the crushing defeat of the Russian troops has appeared


As the website reported earlier, on February 8-10, during the unsuccessful assaults on Vuhledar and Avdiivka, the Russian army lost 103 pieces of equipment, including 36 tanks. According to the calculations of the Dutch OSINT project Oryx, the Armed Forces of Ukraine lost 20 pieces of equipment during the same period, including 2 tanks.

One of the invaders, who was transferred to storm Vuhledar, showed the fields around the city strewn with the remains of tanks and the bodies of Russian soldiers.

The footage has been published by the Ukraine 365 Telegram channel.

“Everything is demolished. There is nothing left of the landing force, here is a tank turret, and here is the tank itself. There’s a body lying in the field, here’s one more tank. And the same picture further along. This is all that is left of the landing force. That’s how we live. And on TV, as always, they say everything is fine, we are the best,” said the invader.


  1. Every piece of destroyed equipment is one less that NATO potentially has to contend with, and thus more spare ammunition on hand. Send it.

    If the U.S. has provided about 108 million small arms rounds to Ukraine but can produce 8.6 billion rounds a year, then why do hear about Ukrainian soldier in Bakhmut running out?

    Logistics sure … but work it out.

    Beyond that, it’s truly, truly a sad day in Hell when 155mm shells have to be rationed for priority targets.

    Why reserve shells for conflicts in Korea or the Balkans? There is a task at hand in Ukraine now, and if conflict arises and there is a need for 155mm shells elsewhere in the future, you’d think the USAF could successfully disable the artillery and tanks that the ‘missing’ shells couldn’t.

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