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Feb 12

Ukraine pleads for ammunition ‘immediately’ as Russia steps up attack

Ukraine has pleaded with its allies for ammunition and artillery “immediately”, warning it is running short of stocks to defend against a new Russian offensive that Ukraine fears is imminent.

Ukraine is preparing for an imminent large-scale attack by Russian troops as the Kremlin attempts to seize more territory in the #Donbas region in eastern Ukraine ahead of the first anniversary of Russian president Vladimir Putin’s full-scale invasion later this month.

Ukraine’s Army is consuming ammunition at an unprecedented rate as it engages in punishing exchanges with Russia, prompting concerns about supplies.

With all the tank/plane focus, a reminder: “‘What is of ultimate urgency is the ammunition and artillery we need immediately to make sure we can operate with the new military equipment we received, We do not have this amount of ammunition that we need.’”

“Ukraine is estimated to be firing more than 5,000 artillery rounds every day, equal to a smaller European country’s orders in an entire year in peacetime. That rate of use has put huge strain on Europe’s defence producers.”

EU Council President Charles Michel on Friday said the bloc needed to “co-operate with the industrial sector and to ensure that we can speed up the level of production of ammunition”.


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  1. Allies must ramp up stocks of ammunition not only for Ukraine but for reserve stocks sake. AFU needs the liberty to be able to fire 10x the amount and not have to be as frugal in light of how many rashists need liquidating to retake control of all Ukrainian territory. Stupid demand of no targets in mafialand by western weaponry needs to be rescinded. If U.S. was at war with Canada, lawmakers would pitch a fit if we could not strike targets in Canada with any help it received. Allies need to invest and assist Ukraine in domestic production of all kinds of NATO standard ammo as well.

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