Pakistan sends 10,000 Grad shells to Ukraine – media

Yuri Kobzar17:09, 12.02.23

Islamabad intends to increase the supply of ammunition to Ukraine.

Pakistan is supplying Ukraine with Soviet caliber ammunition and intends to increase the supply. At the same time, the country buys Russian oil at deep discounts. This is written by the Indian edition of The Economic Times .

It is alleged that Pakistan is increasing military supplies to Ukraine, using the ports of Germany and Poland. In particular, Islamabad sends rocket-propelled ammunition to Grad multiple launch rocket systems.

According to the publication, the first batch of such shells in the amount of more than 10 thousand pieces in early February left the Pakistani port of Karachi en route to the German port of Emden. From there, the shells will be taken to Ukraine.

“Although Pakistan has begged Russia to lower the price of oil amid the economic crisis, it regularly supplies weapons to Ukraine,” the newspaper writes, citing its sources.

Pakistan’s policy against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine

According to media reports, Pakistan is secretly supplying weapons to Ukraine . In the past, Kyiv and Pakistan already had experience of military cooperation, but now the flow of weapons has gone in the opposite direction.

At the same time, Pakistan is trying to take advantage of Russia’s predicament, which has fallen under Western oil sanctions. Islamabad managed to get solid discounts from Moscow for the purchase of oil and oil products.

The situation is similar with Turkey. On the one hand, Ankara is secretly helping Ukraine with ammunition , and on the other hand, it is actively increasing trade with Russia.

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  1. Not sure why they are doing it in light of their other actions, but every round provided to the AFU helps.

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